Used hardwood karri grade 2 railway sleepers

Colour: Medium brown on the outside.
Description: Untreated. Reasonably straight & square. Tight grain. Very weathered / rough/ battered one side
Weathered rough rustic timber suitable for outside landscaping, steps, raised beds. Either go for the smoother side or the rustic character side ! Serious weight, so plan for strong help !
Heavy. 180lb+ (85k)+ for a 2.6m length
A tough hardwood that you wouldn't want to cut by hand. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw or powered saw to cut these sleepers. Start off with a new or sharpened blade, and be prepared to re-sharpen.
Attaching / Fixing:
Timberlok screws can successfully be used to fasten these sleepers together, although you will need to drill a pilot hole first. Make sure the drill is particularly powerful. This timber is tough !

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Karri (2) 8'6" / 2.6m 9.5" 240mm 5.5" / 140mm untreated
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