used Dutch oak railway sleepers grade 2
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Grade 1  Dutch oak railway sleepers 2.6m x 250mm x  150mm. Rugged, weathered and long lasting

Colour: Medium brown.
Description: This oak is normally square edged on one face, with rounded edges (scallops) on the opposite face, where the oak has been cut from the outside of the tree. Can be bowed with split ends. See pictures below
Comment: If you want reclaimed creosoted oak in reasonable condition, with character & age, then look no further. They'll last for decades, whether used in landscaping or construction. Although they were originally creosote treated they have minimal seapage in the summer, so very little unpleasant sticky tar etc..
Suitable for steps, decking & other landscaping projects, where the use of creosote is not a problem.
See 'project photos' & examples below of these sleepers in use.

Can be heavy to lift. Approx 170 lb (80 kilos) Bear this in mind for carrying railway sleepers into position (e.g. the back of a garden). You'll need at least two fit people. Always take care lifting
Quite hard. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw / powered saw to cut these railway sleepers.
Attaching / Fixing:
Timberlok screws will need a pilot hole & powerful drill to fasten through this oak

Approx Length
Approx Width
Approx Depth
Delivery area
PRICE (+ vat)
Grade 2 Dutch railway sleepers 8' 6" / 2.6m 10" / 250mm 6" / 150mm creosote
Nottm / Collect
£19.20 (£23.04)
Some examples below of projects using used Grade 1 Dutch oak..for more see 'project photos'