unused african azobe sleepers - Grade 2

Colour: Ranges from reddish brown to silver grey depending on sunlight & location.
Description: Azobe is one of the hardest, tightest grained woods in the world, and are used without any treatment or preservative for often up to 100 years. These sleepers are 2nd grade as they are not straight or evenly cut, & don't meet the stringent requirements of the railway authorities. Can have splits & imperfections.
Comment: An amazing piece of supremely lasting hardwood timber suitable for landscaping, steps, decking, water uses, furniture, lintels, etc.. Serious weight, so plan for very strong help or machines!. They are not regularly cut, so allow for this in your design and calculations.
Very very heavy to lift. Ranging from 100 - 120 kilos.
Bear this in mind for carrying sleepers onto site (e.g. the back of a garden). You'll need at least 2 - 4 strong people or machinery. Forklift offload advised
Very very hard. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw / powered saw to cut these railway sleepers.
Attaching / Fixing:
Timberlok won't screw through these without a pilot hole and a very powerful drill.

NEW African Azobe + grade
Approx length
Approx width
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Price + vat
unused Azobe grade 2 8' 6" / 2.6m 12" / 300mm 5" / 125mm untreated
UK / Collect
£39 (£46.80)
Some examples of projects using African Azobe...... see 'project photos' for more examples