new Guyanan Mora

Colour: Varies from a light to darker reddish colour, and often finally to a silver grey, bleached by the sun
Description: This new mora is unseasoned (means it's been freshly cut in the last 6 months) and untreated. Tight grain. Very long lasting. Normally fairly straight & square. The red ends are painted in Guyana to limit splitting as the timber dries. (UK Customs were initially interested !) This timber species is approved by Network Rail for use on GB railway system. Initially as it seasons it can smell a bit cheesy like camembert (?)
Comment: A stunning piece of hardwood timber, licenced from sustainable sources through the Guyanan Forestry Commission. Bought directly from Bethany, an indigineous Amerindian village community near Supernaam Creek, with income supporting the community school & health centre. Suitable for furniture, lintels, landscaping, steps, decking etc.. Serious weight, so plan for strong help ! Should last for decades..
Very heavy to lift. Ranging from around 200 lb (90 kilos)
Bear this in mind for carrying sleepers onto site (e.g. the back of a garden). You'll need at least two strong people.
Hard timber. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw / powered saw to cut these railway sleepers.
Attaching / Fixing:
Timberlok or sleeper screws may just about go through these without a pilot hole with a very powerful drill, but you might consider a small pilot hole first.

NEW African Azobe + grade
Approx length
Approx width
Delivery area
Price + vat
Guyanan Mora railway sleepers grade 1 8' 6" / 2.6m 10" / 250mm 5" / 125mm untreated
Nottm / Collect
£40 (£48)

Guyana is an Amerindian word which means "land of many waters". The country is aptly named because if its profusion of rivers, creeks, and other bodies of water. It is located in the northern part of the Amazon Basin of South America. The three main rivers are, from west to east, the Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice Rivers. Guyana, formerly British Guiana, is the only English speaking country in South America, and its neighbors are Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana) to the west, south and east respectively. At 83,000 sq. miles (215,000 Guyana is about the size of the United Kingdom, and is the largest country in the West Indies.

Bethany, is an indigineous Amerindian village near Supenaam creek, and the Essequibo river. Two members of the indigineous community met with ourselves, and proposed supplying us directly with timber from their own managed reservation. Income would benefit the local school & surgery, as opposed to the Malaysian multi nationals who control many of the forests in Guyana. We happily agreed and initially started with one container of Mora (their most common tree), followed by a container of Manniballi.

Recently the village has gained solar power, and the the primary school, health post, community centre are all using solar powered electricity on a 24-hour basis.

Some examples of projects using Guyanan mora ...... see 'project photos' for more examples