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28th Feb 2005
The agony and the ecstasy
The week starts with Forest being nine points from safety. Slipping slowly towards that unbearable drop. A premiership size club facing obscurity in the old second division. The odds further stacked against them.
Then at the weekend a brave & deserved FA Cup draw, away against Spurs. What a fight that was ! Forest were seen as 10-1 on to lose the match. Spurs had a wealth of talent and international superstars, and were expected to coast it against the 23rd placed championship side. Yet Forest were mighty with guts, passion and yes with skill that brought them within a hairs breadth of victory. Wonderful !

The agony and the ecstacy
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The agony and the ecstasy (Cont)
28th Feb 2005

Several days later and Forest are facing make or break against Preston, high flying in the play off zone, and who'd been unbeaten in 10 games. If we lost, and Coventry won (also playing that night) then we'd be sunk to 12 points from safety). At half time it looked likely with Coventry winning, and dismal Forest out played by a better team. But the Gods smiled on plucky Forest, and blessed them with two second half Goals from inspired Commons, whilst dishing out defeat to struggling Coventry. We were now six points from safety, with two games in hand !
Several days later we faced rampant Derby and their six away wins on the trot - the derby to end all derbys ! In all honesy, Derby had more chances, and would have left feeling hard done by, but after a passionate fight, and glorious atmosphere, the game ended 2-2, with Forest still 6 points behind, and 2 games in hand. Tomorrow we face the replay against Tottenham, followed by 3 tough games away (and not having won an away game all season) We'll need divine intervention!

What a dismal time. Staring relegation in the face.
Feb 2005

There are many cliched football expressions about teams that are floundering helplessly in the relegation zone:
'Staring down the barrel of a gun'
'Surely too good to go down'
'Bottom at xmas,relegated in May'
They all probably apply to Forest.
Needless to say, amidst the painful reality, there is an equally strong determination in Forest supporters to not see the awful situation in such a dire way. We may have just sold our two best players to Spurs, but heck, the grit and deternination of new manager Megson will pull us through by our boot strings. We'll pull through.. oh yes... 'cos the alternative is unthinkable !

What an end to the year

Jan 2005
Goodbye to yet another manager. Kinnear quits stating "Forest are living in the past"
- rumours of new managers in waiting
- terrible results.Acting manager Hartford said after the Cardiff match, with Forest
languishing in the relegation zone, 6 points from safety: "The performance was a disgrace...My players don't seem to realise they are in a relegation fight and although I've stressed to them during the week that no club is too good to go down it didn't seem to make any difference. ...If we turn in any more displays like that we will really be in deep trouble."
Happy new year, folks.

Defiant words from Joe Kinnear
Oct 04
After the moving and ecstatic end
to Brian Clough's tribute match, when West Ham were beaten in the dying seconds, hope was felt in the air. A spiritual lift. Two swift defeats later, and the soggy autumn gloom had returned. A win and a draw later, despite being firmly placed within the bottom four, there was angry and determined words of defiance by manager Joe, talking of a top six position after xmas.
All credit to him, for talking with passion. I'm not convinced, but when I look at the table, I see that 3 wins would take us from relegation
fodder to 6th position, and the play-offs !
Who knows ? I think we've been here before...

The end of an era - Cloughie says goodbye.

Sept 2004

Brian Clough (1935 - 2004)
As a manager:
League champions, 1971,1977
League Cup, 1977,1978, 1988,1989
European Cup, 1978, 1979
Watney Cup, 1970
Anglo-Scot Cup, 1976
Super Cup, 1979
Simod Cup, 1988
ZDS Cup, 1991
24 managerial awards including Manager of the year in 1978.
As a player 251 goals / 274 games
As a person he was witty, honest, outspoken, contoversial, motivating, eccentric, brilliant, unconventional, vitriolic, larger than life, outrageous, kind, rude, shrewd, arrogant, aggressive, ambitious, stubborn, generous, abrasive, charismatic......a legend

Season of mist but little fruitfulness
August 2004

League record so far....
Draw, Draw, Draw, Draw, Lose, Lose, Draw, .........5points
5 points from a possible 21!
Not wishing to labour the point, but where's the hope, enthusiasm, and future in that ?
Sure, a lot of the plants are sick, says the head gardener, but who wants to see a collection of wilting plants ?
Of course it's early days, as they say, but losing 4-1 at home to Coventry ? It's going to be a long misty season with little fruitfulness (a la Keats) Or as Joe Kinnnear was quoted by the BBC, after Forest were hammered 4 - 1
"I think I will go home and slash my wrists"
.....hmm... looks hopeful... !

Green Fingers

Summer 2004
It seems a long time ago - The excitement of spring time with a new 'head gardener' who plugged the spiral of non-scoring and dreary losses, and encouraged a brightness and confidence that pulled us out of the relegation doldrums.
On a different tone Forest's pre-season American tour, set up to benefit Pinacle Insurance, was disappointing, and openly criticised by the manager, and was followed by defeats to Middlesborough and Spurs. That sinking feeling again !

Only time will tell whether Jo Kinnear has green fingers.

Europe awaits !
March 2004

To use that much overused expression, 'football is a funny game'. Several weeks ago everthing was dismal - no wins for 18 games - no goals for 800 minutes - Paul Hart sacked - stuck in the relegation zone - below Derby (the ultimate degradation) - the effort of even going to a match was overwheming. BUT NOW! - a new manager in Kinnear - three draws and two wins - goals a-plenty - out of the relegation zone - above Derby - the relief is tangible ! If we win all the next 12 games up to the end of the season, we'll make the play-offs, and get in the Premiership! And then Europe....

Abbandon hope all ye who enter here
February 2004
The more observant of you will notice that this web page has not been updated for several months. With Forest having been so depressing recently, I've found it very hard to conjure up any enthusiasm to write about them, especially match reports, and I've just wanted to switch off when I get back from a match and not spend hours trying to describe the latest dismal performance.
Paul Hart has gone, and our new manager (Kinnear)has squeezed two draws out of the team, with the help of two new loan signings, but I'm not holding my breath....

November 2003
Rumours in football circles are increasing that Kilgraney may be about to buy Nottingham Forest a £30m international striker, in return for leasing their match day car park to stock railway sleepers. Arsenal's leading scorer Henri is said to be considering terms.
In the likely absence of such a move, we are faced with the more pedestrian delights of Marlon the 2nd, Taylor, and Johnson with his broken leg to bring us a feast of goals. Don't hold your breath. Passion and determination, though praiseworthy, do not always win the day. But here's hoping...


October 2003


Nottingham Forest are said to be in secret talks with Kilgraney considering the redevelopment of the main stand for Forest's European challenge campaign.The first international level stadium in the world to be constructed solely from reclaimed railway sleepers and telegraph poles. Games will be played on a surface of pulverised bark chippings and will comfortably seat over 95,000....
Yeh...dream on...!!

Kilgraney lose sponsorship race with Capital One

April / May 2003
Thankyou to all of you who supported us through the ectacy and agony of Nottingham Forest's play-off drama. The culmination at Brammell Lane, Sheffield, was emotionally uplifting and obliterating in equal measures. Thanks also for the condolences from the Brighton and Hove Albion supporter, who certainly knows about suffering. Incidently, Nottingham Forest finally decided to accept the Multi-million sponsorship of 'Capital-one' rather than the less lucrative benevolence of Kilgraney. It was a close battle, but despite our generous offer of free railway sleepers per goals scored, we were spurned.

Kilgraney in secret talks with Forest
Nov 2002.

Nottingham Forest FC are successfully performing with confidence and flair, and are making up for many dismal afternoons watching them in the last two years. Kilgraney are negotiating with Forest to take over from Pinacle Insurance as the club's principal sponsor in the Premiership. Talks are taking place at the highest level. Rumour has it that the quiet 'Bridgford End' stand will soon be renamed the 'Sleeper end'. Special season ticket deals may be available to Kilgraney customers. We'll be in touch.

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