Michelle's small retaining wall with railway sleepers

Just to say thanks for a wonderful web site it is inspirational. I am based in Livingston in Scotland and was looking on the internet for railway sleepers to use in my front garden. I found your website what a joy to see all the pictures of what people have achieved. I have told so many people about this website just to look at what you can make out of something so simple. Unfortunately for me you were too far away to get my sleepers from so had to source them from here which was no easy job!

I finally found the 6 I needed but couldn't get them cut first so my friend & I had to cut them with a hand saw luckily it was only 3!!! Took a while but was worth it in the end. Not bad for a couple of girlies!!

Thanks again for all the info and wonderful pics, have attached a couple of my pics just a simple retaining wall but I love it and am amazed by how it has changed my garden. Not quite finished yet but will be soon I hope. Am very interested in the picture of the sundial and may even try that myself.
Michelle Shergold

A big change in a small garden. All credit to your determination and energy, not to mention admiration for hand sawing of sleepers ! Simple, practical and effective.

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