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*Balanced and healthy soil
*100% natural and organic
*Long lasting - no leaching
*Non Toxic - Safe to use
*Can be applied anytime
*Saves on fertiliser cost

Using Falmouth calcified seaweed helps to create a healthy living soil
Calcified seaweed is a 100% natural marine product that can be used at any time and is completely safe to use. It has been used by Cornish farmers since before c1650 and is taken from sub-sea deposits off the Falmouth estuary. It contains all the natural trace elements, and vitamins of raw seaweed and ensures that the soil is kept alive, healthy and in balance.
Cornish calcified seaweed

'The soil must be man's most treasured possession: so he who tends the soil wisely and with care is assuredly the foremost among men'
(Sir George Stapleton)

Some gardeners use seaweed on paths & beds etc.. instead of gravel or woodchip.

How does it work ?
Plant root hairs can directly feed from the calcified seaweed's reservoir of available balanced minerals and trace elements. Furthermore these trace elements are quickly colonised by soil bacteria that creates humus, the establishment of worms, and contributes to a better soil structure and root development. This effect enables plants to fully utilise the soil minerals and trace elements that are already present

* improved soil structure
* deeper rooting plants
* increased availability of trace elements
* long lasting, does not wash away
* healthier - no lock up of valuable minerals
* maintenance of correct pH
* can be applied any time of the year

Application rate
General rate:- 4oz. - 8oz (2 handfuls). per square yard
J.I. Composts:- Use in place of chalk or lime at the directed rate

Compost heaps:- Keep sweet with a dusting every 6" of organic matter. Improves bacterial action, stimulates the breakdown of useable compost
Correcting soil acidity:- After soil testing, apply calcified seaweed instead of lime, as indicated by the test
Exhibition work:- e.g. Chrysanthemums, sweet peas, Dahlias, Leeks, Onions. A light dressing of 4oz. per square yard is recommended.

Potting:- 1 handful per 2.5 litre pot

When to apply
Calcified seaweed is a completely safe, natural, marine mineral and can be used any time of the year. On heavy soils it is most effective at the time of final soil preparation e.g.autumn or early winter. On lighter soils apply pre sowing, or before or during planting out. As a boost it can be used at any time.

How to apply
Sprinkle calcified seaweed over the surface of the soil, and and then lightly hoe it into the top 3" - 4". If applied early it may be left on the surface to wash in


10 kilo woven bags of 'Cornish calcified seaweed'
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Ericaceous subjects
Do not use calcified seaweed on ericaceous plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers etc.. unless a higher pH is required.

Falmouth calcified seaweed contains ALL the essential elements that are not applied with compound fertiliser. The Public Analysts report on the 15th July 1998 shows that the sample of calcified seaweed contains:

Calcium 42%. . Magnesium 4.2% . . Zinc154mgs / Kg . . Copper 9.6mgs / Kg . . Sulpher 0.22% . . Iron 31mgs / Kg . .
121mgs / Kg. . Cobalt 1.5mgs / Kg Boron 2.5mgs / Kg . . Cadmium 1.9mgs / Kg Chromium 0.1mgs / Kg . .
14mgs / Kg. . Nickel 2.2mgs Kg

All of which are trace elements and minerals which suplement the soil, and help biological action to condition and enrich the soil, which in turn releases trace elements and minerals to nourish produce, cereals, corn, fruit and flowers, lawns and pastures.

Calcium - Cell structure of plant
Magnesium - Photosynthesis, enzyme system of plant, and phosphate utilisation by plant
Iron - Photosynthesis
Manganese - Photosynthesis and seed formation
Copper - Correct growth and health of plant
Cobalt - Health of plant and essential for micro-organisms that fix nitrogen
Boron - For uptake and utilisation of calcium and nitrates and carbohydrate production in the plant
Sodium - (salt) for potassium utilisaton
Sulpher - For the production of the essential amino acids, cystine and methionine, linked with nitrogen

Calcified seaweed is recommended for cereals, grass, roots, brassicas, orchards and vines.
It is better, safer, healthier, longer lasting and cheaper.
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