railway sleepers - a few ideas It would be impossible here to describe in detail all the things that you can create with sleepers. They are versatile, easy to use, and blend in easily.
Raised beds,
Steps, Supports (to sit sheds on, or fasten decking to) Decking, Borders & dividers (beside drives, grass) Pathways (see picture) Compost bins,

Sleepers as raised beds

Railway sleepers as decking
Sleepers as paths
Railway sleepers as decking

Treehouses and adventure playgrounds, Door and window lintels, Fireplaces, Tables, Totem poles, Sculptures, Pond edging, Walling, Gate & Fence posts, Cattle pens, Silo walls (slotted into RSJ's) River and lake embankment supports, Jettys, Fishing platforms, Private railway!

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