railway sleepers-cutting / delivery


We deliver railway sleepers throughout the UK when an order makes it economic for both us and the customer.

Delivery charges
vary depending on mileage, numbers, and weight.

We deliver within 7 days
and sometimes within
72 hours.


railway sleepers along the track

CUTTING SERVICE We can cut railway sleepers to size if it helps your project. Sawing a sleeper by hand isn't much fun, especially if it's hardwood ! and believe me, people try ! We only 'cross-cut', e.g. cut an eight foot sleeper or pole down to five foot. We do not cut 'length-ways', e.g. reduce the 10" width to 7" or turn the sleeper into planks. You can try contacting a sawmill, if you need these kind of cuts, although most are hesitant about cutting reclaimed timber. Most will insist that you agree to pay the price of broken blades should they hit a sleeper bolt or nail. At £240 a shot, it concentrates the mind ! Occasionally we do supply sleepers that have already been reduced in size, e.g. are 3" thick rather than 6"
CHARGES for our cutting service are worked out generally according to the size, material, and quantity. We can complete an order within 72hours.

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