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We often get asked if we sell slate, boulders, top soil, gravel, turf.. etc.. (we don't) ...but each year we add new materials.. so who knows !

Recently we've been offered sandstone paving slabs which looked excellent... but it's a slippery slope. First you get into slabs, and then naturally move into patios. Soon would follow sheds and barbecues with turbo charged strimmers & partially dressed Greek goddesses. Plastic flowers & farting gnomes would tumble thereafter... and then you might as well give up on life itself. You've got to be careful!
Only this month we were asked if we sold plastic sleepers.

We mainly supply wooden landscape materials that are basic 'building blocks' to the gardener: Railway sleepers for dramatic raised beds, steps, seats, ponds, pathways.. Telegraph poles for posts, borders, swings, tree-houses... Oak barrels for water butts and planters... New poles, decking and rails for when you want pressure treated timber... Woodchip mulch for paths, orchards, flower-beds, play areas... Logs for stepping-stones, seats, natural features, and of course burning ! ..and finally horse-manure and calcified seaweed that are both wonderful organic natural fertilisers and soil enhancers....

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