decking, posts, poles & other timber We started supplying decking after numerous enquiries. Mind you according to Titchmarsh it's not 'cool' anymore. Anyhow, we've chosen a pressure treated softwood decking that feels substantial and hardwearing. Easy to cut and drill.
The popularity of landscaping poles in the possibility of creating something that looks natural, is quick to use, light to handle and soon weathers as though it's been in your garden for years.

New Pine decking
3.6m by 120mm by 32mm.
£10.40 + Vat (12.22)
4.8m x 120mm x 32mm
£12.40 + Vat (14.57)
Pine decking supports
3.6m x 100mm x 47mm
(approx 12' x 4" x 2")
£9.60 + Vat (11.28)
3.6m x 150mm x 47mm
£12.60 + Vat (14.81)

They are ACQ  or Tanalith E treated. They can be used in situations where there may be skin contact. Hence they CAN be used for children's play areas, tree houses, picnic benches, inside houses etc.. New Scottish softwood timber ACQ or Tanalith E treated (pressure treated) rather than tar or creosote treated. Square edged, light, easy to cut/drill


New pine fence posts
5" x 3" pressure treated x 6'
£8.80 + Vat (10.34)
4" x 4" pressure treated x 8'

£12.60 + Vat (14.81)

New landscaping pine poles
Click for selection and £Prices
Range includes:
2" - 8" Diameter (47mm - 200mm diameter)
Length includes:
approx 3ft - 20ft (0.9m - 6m)

New pine Fence rails
12ft (3.6m) x 4" (100mm) diameter 'half-moon'
pressure treated rails.
£10.06 + Vat (11.82)
12 ft (3.6m) x 3.5" by 1.5" pressure treated rails.
£8.80 + Vat (10.34)

Railway sleepers
whether new or old, are an excellent alternative to decking. See 'railway sleeper decking'

What is 'ACQ', Tanalith 'E' or 'pressure-treated' timber?
It is a wood preservative treatment that protects against decay fungal /insect attack
It is a treatment that is much more friendly to people and the environment, than Creosote, that was banned in 2003. See Treatments

~ The timber is treated using pressure impregnation with a water based preservative, complying with BS 4072
~ Treated timber has a green or natural pine colour.
~ When impregnated into the timber the chemical components become fixed within the wood structure and are leach resistant.
~ Usually specified for general construction and outdoor timbers

How long does it last?
Believe it or not,
the treatment companies (and hence us!) offer NO GUARANTEE
at all as to the treatment and the longetivity of the timber. They argue that the way timber is used and constructed is in so many different applications and settings (above ground, under ground, in water etc...) not to mention timber naturally splitting and moving, and being cut, drilled into etc.. that they cannot guarantee or predict how long the timber will last and how long the treatment will be effective.

Sitting on the fence
In reality, like many companies, they are frightened about people making claims against them
, and so chose to offer no guarantee, rather than risk someone wanting the whole of their fencing to be replaced after 10 years, if it starts to rot.


Although we all know that pressure treated timber will last considerably longer than 2 days (!) we are unable to say or guarantee how long it will last. Sorry.It's all very unsatisfactory, but it's the way of the world !

Of course there's a time and place for conventional decking - it's lighter, cheaper, easier to cut etc.. & boringly sold at every street corner (including by ourselves !)