Reclaimed barrels - 3ft high 56 gallon Hogshead
3ft high 56 gallon
Hogshead £69+vat

4ft high 112 gallon
Butts £95 + vat

5ft high 400 gallon
Vats £450 + vat (!)
Possible contender for largest barrel in the world ?
.oak barrels  
Reclaimed barrels - 5 ft high, 400 gallon oak Vat eclaimed barrels - 3ft high 56 gallon Hogshead
Reclaimed barrels - 4ft high 112 gallon Butts
A piece of history
Our barrels are made of oak, and are bought from French wine and brandy makers, or Scottish whisky distillers when they sell or upgrade their stock. They look excellent in gardens as an original feature that is both practical, historical and attractive. Barrels are a reminder of bygone days... of boats, trading and settlers. Nostalgic memories of carts and shirehorses and a smell of wine and apples. They can be used as water butts, planters, seats, jacuzzis, water features
.Barrel (approx gallon size) ..................  PRICE...... ........ Approx weight......... Collection details
3ft Hogsheads 56 gallon £ 69 + vat   50 - 60 kilos Customer to arrange
4ft Butts 112 gallon £ 95 + vat 90 - 110 kilos Customer to arrange
5ft Vats 400 gallon ('ish) £ 450+ vat 200 -300 kilos Customer to arrange
Reclaimed oak Barrels - 112 gallons Butts Reclaimed oak Barrels - 56 gallon Hogsheads
Reclaimed Barrels - 400 gallon (approx) oak vats -
The largest wooden barrel in the world, 8.5 metres wide by 7 metres high, can be found in Heidelberg Castle in Germany. It was made in 1751 from 130 oak trees, and can hold more than 220,000 litres. Davide De Focatiis , Engineering Department, University of Oxford, UK
These astonishing photos were sent to us from Argentina - courtesy of Martin Kriz.
The barrel was constructed by a family of immigrants of Slovenia.
These astonishing photos of the construction of a huge barrel were sent to us from Argentina - courtesy of Martin Kriz.
These astonishing photos of the construction of a huge barrel were sent to us from Argentina - courtesy of Martin Kriz.
Wooden oak barrels have been used for centuries as containers to store and move food and drink. It is generally accepted that it was the iron age communities of Northern Europe, notably the Celts, who developed the wooden barrel for large transport of goods. The 'Cooper' or barrel-maker would have been an integral part of any bustling town or port. Today they are used almost exclusively in the production of fine wines and spirits.The bulge, or bilge, of barrels means that they can be rolled and spun easily, & that, when they are kept horizintal, any sediment naturally collects in one place. BUT OF COURSE, THERE ARE ALWAYS OTHER INTRIGUING USES FOR BARRELS !
Oak barrels used as tables in Australia Oak barrels used as advertising boards in Australia
oak barrel made into armchair Oak barrel used as planter in the Eden Project, Cornwall
Oak barrel used as drinks cabinet
Large oak vat turned into hot tub
Oak barrel used as planter in Children's Farm,  East Leake
Oak barrel used as water pump on children's farm, East Leake
Oak Barrel used as litter bin at Alton Towers theme park
OTHER USES and enquiries about BARRELS (+ Received e-mails from the US)
1) I am interested in whole barrel "butts" @ 50" high. Curious about diameter. Curious about estimated cost and shipping to Central Texas, USA. Depending on price, I am looking at obtaining 3-4 barrels. We used to deer hunt out of similar "olive barrels" when younger. Perfect size to set out on prairie, occupy with one hunter on folding stool, natural gun rest.

2) I would appreciate either the name of a company in the US that might supply me with one, or the approximate price of a barrel (delivered) from England from your company. It is a prop to be used in our bear show. The bears sit on the barrel, climb inside, or stand on top of it. No whips, no chains, no muzzles, no sticks, just bears who actually enjoy performing to crowds. The Clark family has used barrels in our bear show since 1949.
They are North American black bears, but still our males can weigh upwards of 500 pounds, thus I stress the need for a sturdy barrel.

3) I have had a look around your interesting "" website but feel that I need to point out that you do not sell barrels, you sell casks!!! - A barrel is specifically a 36 gallon cask. I hope you feel suitably ashamed of yourself for this error.
Yours Sincerely
Steve Branch
(An aged old pedant with nothing better to do on a Sunday)
oak barrel planters, oak barrel seats, oak barrel water butts, oak barrel drinks cabinets