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Having boasted about our smell-free, antique horse-manure, this vintage has been completely finished by our eager customers. We're now only able to offer a fresher year, with a more poignant bouquet. In other words it's 3 - 12 months old, stickier, and smellier, but doubtless still useful as a mulch and natural fertiliser.

All gardeners over the centuries have valued horse-manure as a natural fertiliser and mulch.. Manure provides the conditions in which worms thrive, and improves the structure and water content of most types of soils. Horse manure contains high levels of organic micronutrients, and is a long-term source of nitrogen. Our straw-based horse manure is well-rotted, 1-3 years old, and is like compost. There is no smell.
Tales of the unexpected

We used to deliver 2 ton loose loads of manure however we no longer can offer this service. Those wishing to collect their own manure in bags or trailers are welcome. Price negotiable (normally £2.00 per bag or
£20 - £40 per reasonably sized trailer)
Bring your own bags, spades, and wellies !
Please ring us first, before setting out !

Some people have rung and asked 'what does two tons of horse manure look like ?'. It's not as much as you might imagine, as manure is very dense. If you imagine two piles about 5 feet diameter, and 3 feet high, that would be about two tons. Give or take

Bizarre or what ?
1) Do you know any anagrams for 'Kilgraney's well-rotted horse manure' ?
2) do you know what an anagram is ?
3) do you even care ?

(Anagram = Juggling all the letters around in a phrase to make a completely new one that still vaguely makes sense)
We stumbled on a curious site - - that seems to relish in finding anagrams for phrases it comes across. Anyhow, for some unknown reason it had decided to focus on the phrase 'Kilgraney's well-rotted horse manure' and had come up with eleven anagramatic alternatives. Can you believe what people do with their free time and grey matter ? Here they are (!)

Kilgraney's well-rotted horse manure =
The raw smell reeks in your garden lot

Dung-like smell was yet another error
Old workmen ensure really great shit
Earthworm's dungeon literally reeks!
Tremendous growth's, like, really near
Grower naturally hides monster leek
Loner really re-worked mustang shite
Our, well, rather strange donkey slime
Raw stallion dung. Others merely reek.
We'll shortly market reindeer's guano
Eaten slowly. (Not like Shergar/Red Rum!)
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