Emily and Ewen's landscaping with railway sleepers

Hi, Emily and I have been fairly busy since we last submitted photos to you. Sorry we haven't got any photos of the actual projects in
progress, the process was fairly straight forward - one powerful
drill, a load of timberlok screws, lots of digging and a load of hard
work! You can see the stages we did it in as some of the wood is well
weathered in contrast to the latest border which has still to age. I
think we have run out of space as far as raised borders are concerned
but the good news is my neighbour is willing to let me start on her
garden so i'm sure you'll be seeing us again soon. I hope business is
good and you are all keeping well. Regards,
Emily and Ewen

Such a delightful and compact design, with exciting different shapes all inter-connected.

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