Dave's oak barrel drinks trolley - that led to a business !

Dear Kilgraney,
I thought you'd like to see my latest 'barrel project'. I made one for a friend for a Christmas present and have since made one other for someone who saw the original at a party.
The revolving bottle and stem glass holders are made from Yew. Two shelves
in the drop-down door give more storage for 'shot' glasses etc. The whole
was oiled and waxed and sits on 4 casters for mobility. It takes time as an inner 'former' has to be made to retain the barrel shape in the 'door'. I
think you'll agree though that it's well worth the effort


All credit to you, for your painstaking skill and perseverance. What a dedicated and meticulous project that looks unique, and a real conversation piece. Reminds me of the barrel chair that an upholstery company made a few years ago.

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You may recall I sent you some photos of a drinks trolley I had made from an oak barrel. Well this spurred me on to make something of the whisky
barrels my son purchased from you some years ago. I didn't want to waste barrels by cutting them (as the upholstered barrel chair you have on your web site, didn't think that was within my scope). However, I decided to completely dismantle one barrel and use the staves to make myself a wine rack (see photo). My son and I then did some 'brainstorming' and came up with a BIG project to make him a patio set - four chairs and a table. The table also uses oak planks cut from a railway sleeper (see photos). I then made a side table for myself (see photo). I've now decided to try and turn this new found skill into something that might help my pension along - it doesn't
seem to go far these days!
** See his new website **
David Geary-Aston